Every diet or exercise program offers up a disclaimer so I feel I should too. I hope that this one will be a little more personal then most. Please read it entirely and please take the advice offered.

First (I know you have all heard this a thousand times) before starting this or any weight loss program consult with your physician. It's especially important while on this program. I consulted with my doctor and he recommended that a blood test be done. My doctor told me that there has been a few deaths reported with extremely low calorie diets due to a lack of potassium. Raise the issue with your doctor and get some blood work done. Ask your doctor about having blood work done on a regular basis.

My potassium levels were fine and have remained fine. I know this because I'm getting it tested and monitored. The blood test revealed something else that I'm glad to now be aware of also. I'm borderline diabetic. The blood sugar levels were elevated but with diet and exercise and with weight loss - they predict those numbers will return to normal levels. Because I’m seeing my doctor (as we are all told to do with these disclaimers) I've become aware of several important health issues and will be able to monitor my progress and improvement.

So please see your doctor before you start and make him or her a part of you safe and successful weight loss effort.

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