I've now shot several hours of footage - still have much to do. I'm not able to edit yet, barely able to view what I've shot, that's all coming soon. I'll post some of the video as soon as I'm able. Till then I'll share some of the stills from a shoot we set up 08/10/08. My crew is green but wise. My daughter Paige 18 is the senior member and my director of photography. My second daughter Sarah is 15 and she's shooting all my still shots and may end up doing the animation effects if I can teach her how. My son Maxfield is 8 and he's the grip. A very serious grip when he's on set (his words).

Sarah has already won numerous awards for her art and photos here's some shots from our shoot on Sunday. The horses are not a part of the crew but the location for the shoot was in their pasture, they enjoyed the company and we liked having them around. This shoot was done to commemorate my reaching the halfway point, I was down 100 pounds and needed a quick shot to announce that in film.

My daughter Sarah, she wants to be a model or a photographer or both. This is the only shot I took. All that follow were hers (except one Paige shot of Sarah on Freckles).

Me returning from scouting a location in our pasture for the shoot.

My son Max. He enjoys his job as grip, but inwardly longs to direct.
Right now it's a foot in the door and on set experience and a credit on his first film.
Plus I'm going to buy him some hot wheels.

Setting up the boom pole.


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