For the last two years I have attended the SXSW Film/Interactive/Music Festival in Austin Texas. In traveling there, while in attendance and upon my return I have felt inspired to do two things:

1. Produce my first film and at least enter the contest. Of course it’s my hope to have a film in the line-up but minimally I want to enter.

2. Every year I promise myself I will lose weight. The travel to and fro is so difficult when 200 pounds over-weight. The seat belts don’t fit, the seats don’t fit, and worst of all, you make the people around you very uncomfortable.

I have 3-4 solid ideas for documentaries I’d like to do. I have written a couple of full-length fiction scripts and I have a couple of short film ideas outlined. Then it occurred to me that I should make a documentary about losing weight. I’d kill two birds with one stone. Just losing some weight and doing a documentary about that wouldn’t be much of a film. So why not get it all off? Lose 200 lbs in less than a year. Do this while producing my first film. Either challenge alone is a lot to tacke.

So I’m going to lose 200 pounds in less than a year and make my first film. I don’t know which one will be harder.

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